August 9, 2010


Driving can be stressful at the best of times, but for those that have a physical or cognitive disability it can be even more difficult without the right support.

Driving as a disabled person can bring immense freedom and independence. The Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation Mobility Centre (QEF) in Surrey aims to develop ADI’s skills and provide a register which gives details of such instructors who can provide adapted vehicles and teaching methods in your area.

Basic adaptations to a car can make a huge difference to those with physical impairments, such as a simple bolt on the steering wheel to a complex joystick which allows the driver to operate the accelerator, brake and steering using just one hand.

Of course it is not just new drivers that will benefit from this style of teaching but those who hold a full license and may have acquired a disability during their driving years.

Those teaching learners with disabilities may also find they encounter communication problems however, this should not hold them back once having received training from QEF. ADI’s will learn how to deal with people with hearing and speech difficulties and how effective certain methods are, including using forms of sign language.

The structure of the body and how it works along with basic knowledge of various medical conditions and the impact this can have on safe driving will be taught on the course provided to ADI’s at the QEF mobility centre.

Natasha Simper of Britannia Driving School said: “The Queen Elizabeth Mobility Centre is allowing people with disabilities the chance to achieve outdoor mobility and learn in an environment that is safe and supporting to their needs. Any ADI that joins the course and goes on to teach those with disabilities will have the pleasure of knowing that their job has changed the lives of so many individuals.”

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