January 30, 2023

Driving Test Backlog

If you are currently trying to book a driving practical test and struggling you are not alone! There is a backlog with the DVSA which has been on going since Covid Lockdowns restrictions eased.

At the moment even driving schools are struggling to secure tests and the DVSA have spoken out about a 6 month wait, which means June/July is what is becoming available on the booking site.

This situation is very frustrating not only for learners waiting for take their test but also driving schools and instructors who are trying to book tests for their pupils! Cancellations do pop up every now and then but its all about being on the test booking site at the right time.

What we would like to discourage is pupils becoming desperate and paying over the odds for tests, when giving out your driving license details to unauthorized operators they can then use your details to their own advantage.

Some desperate to pass learners have even booked tests in unknown areas to them in hopes to pass, but the disadvantage to this is not having a good knowledge of an area especially the test routes could go against you on the day of the test. Its always a good idea to have a good few lessons on the routes the test center you plan on taking your test at use. Our instructors who are taking you to test will always take you on those test routes to get you familiar with them in preparation for the test, which not only helps calm nerves as you feel prepared and know the routes but also gives you a head start on practicing on the roundabouts etc.

If a cancellation does pop up and you manage to secure it, please be mindful that you also need to make sure your instructor can do the test date/time and goes to the test center. Also if its too short notice this could also be a problem, a new instructor would need to arrange some assessment lessons before committing to take you to test. An instructor has the right to refuse to take you to test if they don’t feel you are ready.

Below is a breakdown of how the estimated backlog works;

2022Estimated demand for testsMax number of tests that can be carried outExcess tests rolled over to following month
Jan ’23364045130622233423
Feb ’23344253130622213631
March ’23324461130622193839
April ’23304669130622174047
May ’23284877130622154255
June ’23265085130622134463
July ’23245293130622114671
Aug ’2322550113062294879
Sep ’2320570913062275087
Oct ’2318591713062255295
Nov ’2316612513062235503
Dec ’2314633313062215711
Jan ’24126541130622

Rebecca at Britannia said:

Everyday i log onto the Business Account to look for tests for pupils, it did ease up a little in Novemeber/Decemeber but now in January 23 it is at what feels like a standstill, i think the DVSA strikes are now adding to the problem. We hope it will ease up ASAP.