December 22, 2010


Once you have a Full UK Driving Licence that does not mean it is valid for life. Most driving licences are valid for 50 years yet you must renew them every 10 years.

The licence is valid until the date shown on the front of your licence (normally under section 4b). It is important that you know when you’re driving licence expires as failing to renew it will mean the licence is invalid and that you are driving illegally. This can result in a fine of up to £1000, between three and six penalty points and in some cases your car being seized and crushed.

It is very simple to renew your licence and can be done online or by completing a D1 form (normally the DVLA will send you a renewal pack prior to the licence expiring) however, it is your responsibility to know when it expires. There is a fee of £20 and the licence is normally returned to you with your up-dated photo three weeks later. You can continue to drive in this period however.

It may be necessary to up-date your licence before 10 years if your appearance has changed significantly.

The fee for renewing your licence is considerably more for those that have been disqualified, costing anywhere between £65 and £90.

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “Be vigilant when it comes to driving legally; check your licence, as if you let it expire for more than two years you may be required to take your test again.”

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