December 20, 2012

Driving in the Dark

Study after study shows that many people are concerned when driving in the dark, there are more crashes – particularly on motorway – when there it’s night time.

Driving in the dark can seem a little overwhelming, however, to not drive in the dark because you fear it, is a great shame. Particularly now when it starts getting dark so early in the day. If you are someone who is affected by night time driving, there are many options you have to help build up your confidence and ensure you are a safe night time driver.

Firstly, seek a qualified driving instructor who can spend some time with you teaching you how to drive in the evenings. Ask to be taken on motorways and dual carriageways to help build up your confidence.

If you have a driving instructor, ask him about which lights to use and when. Or, you can do this yourself by looking through The Highway Code. It’s very important that you use the right lights.

Go somewhere quiet and practice your driving there, you may want to go with a friend for an extra bit of support.

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