April 1, 2009

Driving Examiner Wins Court Case for Whiplash

An examiner could be awarded up to £15,000 after suffering whiplash injuries during what he called “the worst test of his career”.

Andrew Carmichael, 35, suffered injuries when test candidate Lisa Connolly braked sharply with the wrong foot, forcing another vehicle to take evasive action. He subsequently sued NIG Insurance, insurers of the Vauxhall Corsa used on test.

The Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled that the insurer was liable for the examiner’s injury, describing Mr Carmichael as “a reliable and accurate witness.”

In what Mr Carmichael described as a “memorable examination” Miss Connolly mounted the pavement during the reverse parking manoeuvre and got stuck during her turn in the road.

A further hearing will determine damages.

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