November 22, 2008

Drivers would be Happy to Re-sit Their Test When They Reach 70

Almost TWO Thirds of drivers would be happy to re-sit their test when they reach 70, even if it meant them potentially failing, according to new survey.

The online poll of nearly 900 people conducted by Motorists would like to see the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) make it compulsory for them to re-take their driving test when they reach 70.

Although there is no research to indicate that drivers become unable to drive safely at a specific age, recent tests by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) have shown that, on average, the over 55s take 22 per cent longer to react than drivers under 30. This would add 25ft (or two car lengths) to the stopping distance if braking at 70mph.

According to David Shelton, Managing Director of Motorpoint: “The results of this poll show that people are honest enough to recognise their driving ability does deteriorate with age that maybe the government should consider mandatory re-testing at certain age in the future.

There are currently 3,175,251 people in the UK over 70 with a driving licence, according to the DVLA.

Britannia Driving School runs refresher driving courses and mock driving tests specifically designed for the over 70s.

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