July 22, 2013

Drivers Urged to Watch Out for Children

UK Drivers are being urged to take extra caution this summer, due to the increase of children on the road now that schools have broken up for the six-week holidays.

Motorists are advised to ensure they stay well within the recommended speed limit, especially when driving in residential, built-up areas and on main roads.

Nottingham City Council road safety manager Pam Shaw has said of the issue: “With the long six-week school holidays now upon us there will, naturally, be an increase in the number of children out playing… All road users need to take extra care, not only on main roads but, especially, in built-up residential areas.”

Authorities are also stressing the importance of educating young children about the dangers of playing by roads, and encouraging the use of correct road usage, such as the green cross code.

Around 5,000 children under the age of 16 are injured or killed on British roads every year, with nearly two out of three accidents occurring whilst children are playing. With a little extra care this summer, we can reduce that figure as much as possible.

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