June 20, 2011


How in touch are we as drivers with the Highway Code and do we pay attention to signs and road markings.

A lifeboat volunteer in the popular tourist area Holy Island – Northumberland has had to attend a rescue operation when tourists have driven on a tidal causeway outside safe crossing times and become submerged under water.

The RNLI crew has carried out eight rescues this year alone when tourists have ignored the signs and got into trouble.

The causeway here is under water twice every 24 hours, locals are of course aware of this but those visiting the area are ignoring warning signs, with one visitor ignoring verbal warnings from local residents.

Not only are you putting your life in danger, if you do get caught the sea water entering the engine will more than likely write the car off.

Traffic signs and symbols are there for a reason and it is important we know what they mean and what they are trying to inform us off.

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