April 23, 2015

Driver Horror Stories Recorded On Camera

A cyclist from Manchester has been filming his daily commute to Trafford Park after a near-death encounter with a HGV two years ago. The cyclist says he used early footage to have a driver prosecuted for careless driving and is in regular contact with police and bus operators.

His most recent shocking footage, posted to his Twitter  account, shows a woman reading a book whilst driving with her child in the car. Another video shows a Stagecoach bus overtaking him and then attempting to turn left, cutting him up. His footage has led to the retraining of the driver.

Another film from January shows an HGV forcing him into a side lane. The cyclist also says he has seen drivers do their make up; one woman for a full three minutes with her visor down at an Old Trafford roundabout.

The managing director of Stagecoach Manchester said that they were aware of the incident and so appropriate retraining will be undertaken. He also highlighted that a cycle awareness course is being introduction of a cycle awareness course this year for its drivers.

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