May 14, 2010


Pass plus is aimed a new drivers to improve their driving, make them safe and skilful drivers and to gain more experience.

The DSA (Driving Standards Agency) along with insurance companies and driving instructors feel that although a new driver has the competence to pass the test, it would benefit them to take pass plus and deal with new situations.

There is no test to complete the pass plus, the instructor will assess your driving throughout and grade you.

The course is divided into six modules and they are listed as followed:

Driving around town

Complex junctions, public transport and lots of starting and stopping to contend with…

Assessed on: Observation and judgement / Consideration for other road users / Spatial awareness / Typical features of urban roads

All Weather driving

Come rain, snow, mist or sunshine you need to be prepared.

Assessed on: Vision – see and be seen / Skidding and avoidance / Speed and stopping distances


Watch out for the tractors and the horses…

Assessed on: Rural hazards such as sharp bends and narrow lanes / Overtaking / Observation skills

Night time driving

Can you see me?

Assessed on: Vehicle lighting and use / Speed and stopping distances / Visibility / Parking

Dual Carriageways

Check your signs – are you travelling at the correct speed.

Assessed on: Joining, turning & leaving / Forward Planning / Overtaking


The dreaded motorway…

Assessed on: Joining & leaving / Forward Planning and observation / Overtaking / Breakdowns and safety

Natasha Simper of Britannia Driving School said: “Britannia offers pass plus to new pupils as well as existing pupils. More details can be found on our website by clicking on the pass plus link. What are you waiting for!?”

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