February 28, 2013

Driver Fails Test 38 Times

Feeling down about failing your driving test? Don’t worry, it could be much worse.

A hopeless learner driver took his test an astounding 38 times before finally passing- at a total cost of £2,356!

Yet this is not a fluke story- he is one of hundreds of learner drivers that have failed time and time again- yet refused to be beaten! Data obtained by Staffordshire newspaper ‘The Sentinel’ has revealed that over 100 people every year fail their test at least six times before finally getting lucky- at the cost of £62 each time.
The figures, released under the Freedom of Information Act from the DSA, reveal statistics from the previous 8 years such as:

– 5 women (all aged 26) took 18 attempts each to pass
– 4 men (aged 31) each took 17 attempts to pass

– 95 women (aged 18-46) failed 6 times.
– Only 59 men (aged 18-46) failed 6 times.

– 24 more men than women re-took their theory tests- two of these took the written exam a whopping 15 times before achieving any success!

– In 2005/6, it took a 67-year-old woman seven attempts to pass her driving test.

– In 2008/9, a 53-year-old man failed nine times before passing.

– In 2009/10, seven men re-sat their practical tests more than 15 times.

Driving instructors today said they were surprised but not shocked to hear the numbers.

Diane Hall has published “L of a way to pass,” which offers advice on how to pass a driving test at the first time of asking.

She said poor observation at junctions, use of mirrors and signals are among the most common reasons for failure.

The 48-year-old, of Swynnerton, said: “It is not about the person’s physical ability or their road awareness; it is more to do with their lack of planning ahead when they are driving.”

“A lot of people mess up on that, especially in busy places such as Hanford roundabout.”

“They misread or ignore the road signs and they have a lack of awareness.”

“People think if you are a young, white, English man, then you are a better driver, but that is not always the case. Some women are very good, natural drivers.”

Pat Bennett, who runs the Solitaire School of Motoring, in Uttoxeter, said: “There are a lot of reasons why people fail their tests, but the main one is that they just don’t check their mirrors enough.”

“I would say women drivers are a lot more aware of danger on the roads than men. Men take more chances.”

“The main piece of advice I would give to people is listen to what you’re are told.”

Barry Proctor, owner of Talke-based haulage firm Barry Proctor Services, believes driving standards have fallen. He said:

“Sometimes people fail their tests because of another driver’s actions. Maybe they don’t indicate where they are going on a roundabout or turn without signalling. But that comes down to the fact that most drivers don’t concentrate as much as they used to. A lot of people drive while they are on their phones or text, so they don’t pay as much attention as they should and it can be very dangerous.”

What do you think? Is there a point in which enough is enough? Should some people not be allowed to drive at all? Have driving standards fallen in recent years? Sound off in the comments section below!

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