August 7, 2012

Drive Safely.

When we hit rush hour there are usually 3 things that happen: 1) For some reason the traffic gets slower and slower. 2) To get things moving you resort to shouting at someone, either yourself or other. 3) Invariably, you will wish you are part of the Hogwards school of Witch Craft and Wizardry and long for your own flying broom.

Of course, few things ever change the fact that rush hour slows things down. Think about different options for transport. Can you maybe ride a bike to work, how about a car pool, or can you take a bus/train? These things are better than having to sit in traffic. Taking the train gives you the option to read a book or catch up on emails.

If you do have to drive, try and remain calm at all times. Having a good cd in the car to listen to would be useful. Ensure you get some fresh air flowing through the car. Never drive if you are feeling tired, the consequences of this can be disastrous for all involved.

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