July 26, 2010


Police in America are continually trying to combat drink driving and one way of doing this is by setting up sobriety checkpoints.

The checkpoints are hoped to reduce alcohol related accidents as drivers are worried about the risk of being caught. However, with the latest technology it is becoming increasing difficult to keep these checkpoints under wraps.

Drivers who pass the checkpoints are warning others by texting or using Twitter or Facebook to announce the location of the checkpoints, allowing young people to drink on a night out and plan their route home avoiding these areas.

This not only adds to the risk of them drink driving but also using their phone whilst behind the wheel.

The police spend a lot of time and expense setting up the checkpoints and it is difficult for them to change location due to the large amount of equipment, but with research showing that drink related accidents are down 20% when these checkpoints are in place it is too valuable to lose.

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