December 26, 2008

Drink Driving – The Morning After

A high profile drink drive campaign has led to an increase in drink driving arrests by police around the U.K. Targeting drivers who were on the way to work, between December 1st and December 23rd police in Bolton and Wigan stopped over 2,300 drivers, 55 of which were arrested for been over the drink driving limit.

A police spokesman stated that drivers were clearly unaware of the length of time it can take for alcohol to leave your system. It takes one hour for a unit to leave your body, one unit of alcohol is made up of half a pint of normal strength lager, a single (25ml) unit of spirit or a small glass of wine.

It is important to understand that after a heavy night of drinking it is possible you are still well above the drink driving limit in the morning and are putting yourself at risk of losing your license and receiving a heavy fine.

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