June 22, 2011


A 59 year old doctor from Prestwich has received a 12 month driving ban and a £650 fine when caught driving almost four times the legal limit.

He was stopped by a passerby who snapped the key in the ignition, after he hit three parked cars.

Mr Clegg was dressed in his nightgown and slippers at the time and claimed to be in a state of auto-autonomy and not conscious of his actions, therefore could not be held accountable for his actions. He pleaded with the court to suspend his driving ban however, considering his blood alcohol reading, he should have received a three year ban and 12 months was a light sentence.

This is not the first time he has been caught driving under the influence of alcohol, eight months earlier he crashed his car into a tree on his driveway. His wife is now said to hide the keys from him.

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