April 16, 2010


Many collisions are a result of the driver not wearing the correct lenses or being in denial that they have a sight problem at all.

All new drivers are required to fill out a form to obtain their provisional license with health questions being part of the process. However, how well do the DVLA look in to our medical history and how do they have any proof that our eyesight is what we say it is.

The form asks:

Can you read a car number plate (with glasses or corrective lenses if necessary) from 20.5 metres?


Do you need to wear glasses or corrective lenses when driving?

Do these two questions that only require us to tick a box, really prove that we have the required sight to drive a car or could more be done?

Research has shown that around 20% of drivers that hold a full license would fail an eye sight test, which is extremely worrying.

Recommendations suggest that all those applying for a provisional should have a full medical and eye examination before obtaining their provisional. It should perhaps also state on their license whether they need to wear glasses in order to legally be allowed to drive.

Individuals should be rechecked every few years and older people should have a full medical and possibly even a retest after a certain age.

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