August 12, 2014

Do New Drivers Need More Support?

Most new drivers seem to believe that upon passing their driving test, they are fully qualified drivers, and that their experience in the driving seat of a dual-controlled Instructors car has given them a full view of the motoring world.

However statistics show that the highest rate of driving accidents occur within two years of passing the driving test – suggesting that new drivers are the more dangerous motorists on the road.

Certainly this seems to make sense – the relative lack of experience when compared with older drivers, combined with the added thrill of finally being able to drive one’s own car, as well as the extra confidence gained when one passes their driving test, it is not too hard to see why so many young drivers seem to be having accidents within a short time of passing their test.

So the question has to be asked, is enough being done to support new drivers, especially after passing their test? Whilst many institutions such as Britannia Driving School do offer a Pass Plus course, this is just an option, and whilst it can benefit a new driver enormously, many young drivers, fresh from the financial woes of finally finishing paying for driving lessons, theory tests and practical tests, are likely to opt out of this.

So should additional training be pushed more? Perhaps there should be higher incentives to new drivers to take the Pass Plus course? Or should additional driving training be made available to those who wish to pursue it?

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