August 17, 2011

Decrease in the Number of Young People Learning to Drive

Statistics by Newsbeat show the number of 17 to 22 year-olds taking their driving test has fallen by 19% since 2005, a drop of more than 300,000 learner drivers.

Much of the fall has been put down to an increase in the cost of learning and then running a car.

Some of the prices have risen slightly and others like car insurance have risen rapidly.

According to a recent government survey, almost two thirds of young people who can’t drive said they were put off by the cost of learning.

However, there are signs the cost of insurance is starting to fall.

Emily Smith at Britannia Driving School said: “New drivers can get a large discount on their insurance with selected insurance companies if they take the Pass Plus Course with Britannia. The number of learner drivers taking courses with us has increased by over 25% since 2005-this is due to our reasonable lesson price and our success in getting our clients through with the minimum number of driving lessons. It is a known fact that the younger you start learning to drive, the fewer lessons you will need to pass the driving test.”

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