July 14, 2009

Dangerous driving on the rise

Nearly 70% of UK drivers admit to having dangerous driving habits.

Potentially fatal driving habits are on the increase, too, with research revealing an increase of 4% compared with results from last year.

Eating or drinking while driving was the most common bad habit, which was admitted to by 43% of those asked, while 9% of drivers confessed to getting behind the wheel after having an alcoholic drink and 10% said they had driven ‘the morning after the night before’.

There’s good news for seatbelt campaigners, though, with a 3% reduction in those driving without strapping in.

Most common bad habits
Top 10 bad habits that drivers admitted to doing during June 2009:

1 Eating/drinking while driving 43%
2 Driving while tired 32%
3 Excessive speed 17%
4 Driving while wearing flip flops/no shoes 14%
5 Using a handheld mobile phone 12%
6 Reading a map 11%
7 Texting while driving 11%
8 Driving after having an alcoholic drink 9%
9 Driving ‘the morning after the night before’ 10%
10 Driving with a pet loose in the car 8%

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