July 20, 2017


When taking your driving test you will most certainly come upon a crossroads, which like all junctions, should be thoroughly practised and taken very seriously. Crossroads provide an intersection not only for motorists, but cyclists and pedestrians as well. When all of these come together in one small area, it’s understandable that accidents can occur. By acknowledging and understanding the risks, you can help to reduce the likelihood of accidents at crossroads.

Crossroads can often be confusing not only to learners, but even experienced fully licensed drivers as well, purely because of the different types that all depend on the type of area you are driving in. For example, unmarked crossroads – typically found in quieter residential areas or rural roads – have no road marking or signs to let drivers know who to give way to. In this case, no one has priority so motorist must work collaboratively to promote safe driving.

Controlled crossroads, which are monitored with traffic lights, are usually found in busy urban areas and are commonly much safer junctions. That said, not all motorists will respect the rules and you may encounter someone who chances a red light, which can result in an accident. Be mindful of motorists and cyclist who may do this and by absolutely no means should you attempt this yourself.

Safe driving from Brittania!