December 15, 2011

Coping with Winter Weather

Are there any special instructions to be followed while driving in winters? You should have asked that question few weeks or at least few days ago. It seems that we need to go back and read the manual once again all over. Time is still not lost here! We can prepare ourselves to avert the danger by following few simple guidelines. It is always a kind of challenge to drive in extreme weather conditions. The secret is to stay focused and alert all the time. You should make a winter car kit first. This is the best way to prepare yourself against any kind of unwanted situations.

The instructions clearly read out that you should maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front. It goes without saying that you should drive slowly as it takes extra time to make a turn or apply breaks etc. There are specific instructions to be followed, in case of a car break down during winter season. The first step is to position your vehicle at a safe place far away from the road. You should keep warm clothes and sleeping bags in the car. The list goes on till the end. You can keep on adding more items to make yourself feel comfortable or secured.

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