June 14, 2016

Coping With Test Failure

Learning to drive can be a great experience for many. From the initial thrill of the first lesson, to the joy you will feel when you start to really get good at the various aspects of driving such as completing tricky manoeuvres , and the trepidation of finally booking and anticipating the practical test – It certainly is an emotional roller coaster!

That’s why it can be incredibly disappointing if you should fail the test. However you should try not to let this get you down too much – Remember, failing is just the first step on the journey to passing, so try to think of this as constructive criticism – You are now free to go back to your driving lessons and to work on the things that you didn’t get right the first time, so you come back ready to pass next time – Plus, you have the additional experience of an extra driving test under your belt!

Safe driving from Britannia!