September 19, 2011


Reports have found that congestion costs the UK economy billions each year and if we do not reduce congestion then it could cost us £24b a year by 2025 through late deliveries, missed appointments and other delays.

MPs are looking at lots of ways to reduce congestion and one suggestion is a tougher driving test. Evidence shows the poor road user behaviour led to increased congestion. Therefore we need to address the safety issues linked to drivers that cause accidents and inappropriate road use which adversely affects traffic flow.

Another suggestion was to keep motorists up-to-date with road signs and the law after passing their test. This could be done by having a free Highway Code app for mobile phones or including changes to the Highway Code in the form of a leaflet which would be given to drivers when they renew their licence or tax disc.

Simple solutions such as monitoring bus lanes and the access to the hard shoulder for normal motorists, improving accident clear-up times and tackling road works’ disruption should also help traffic flow.

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