September 3, 2010


A new requirement for learner drivers will look to include compulsory driving lessons.

Pupils will be required to fill out a logbook which they will receive once they sign up for lessons with an instructor. They will be required to take a minimum of 36 hours and the logbook will have to hold details of all lessons and include night time driving.

Learners will then be put under a two year restriction period, where they will be required to display ‘R’ plates. ‘R’ plate drivers will be allowed to drive on the motorway however, they will be subject to many of the same restrictions as an ‘L’ plate driver.

Research has shown that a large majority of accidents that involve drivers aged 17-24 are connected to a lack of experience. The DSA (Driving Standards Agency) are already implementing a revised practical driving test to help bring those at test standard up to post test standard.

Currently this is set to be introduced in Ireland and there are no immediate plans to bring the scheme over to the UK however, with the driving test over 75 years old, changes need to be made to keep up with current times.

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