February 28, 2014

Combat Driving Fatigue

With hints of the weather starting to improve as we edge ever-so-cautiously into spring, many of us will be tempted to load up the car and go for long drives into the country, or even on summer holiday trips away. But along with long journeys comes driving fatigue, a proven deadly hazard. Here are Britannia’s top tips to fight the tiredness:

– If you will be driving more than 2 hours, take a stop every two hours, just for fifteen minutes or so. Whilst this will length your journey time somewhat, it will dramatically improve your concentration when driving.

– If driving with a partner, friend or relative who is also able (legally) to drive your car, share the journey, so fatigue is only half as likely to set in.

– Stay hydrated. Lack of fluid in the body is a huge cause of tiredness.

– Avoid travelling late or in the dark, as this exacerbates fatigue.

– Be aware of your alertness – if you start to feel drowsy, pull over at the earliest opportunity and take a short walk around a service station. If in need, drink a cup of strong coffee or other caffeine-based beverage, but be wary that this will only work once in a journey.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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