December 6, 2012

Cold Mornings.

We hear you, we really do! We know what’s it like getting up early when it’s dark and climbing into your car only to freeze for the first 10 minutes.

When it’s this cold, cars can take a little longer to warm up, so what do you do in the meantime to fight the freeze? Here are our tips.

1) Have a woolly hat in your car. Yes, it may not be the most fashionable accessory but a hat works wonders for keeping you warm. You can take it off as soon as you step out of the car.
2) Your hands can sometimes feel like they’re going to drop off. I have a pair of driving gloves that I’ve had for years and think they’re amazing. It’s important to get the right pair of driving gloves, ones that give you a good grip.
3) Your car heating is possibly the most wonderful thing during the cold weather. Ensure that your water levels are topped up to avoid any over-heating.
4) If you have little ones, it’s worth keeping a blanket in the back of the car for long drives.

We hope these tips help!

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