April 8, 2015

Colander Picture Rejected By DVLA

Ian Harris, 51, from Brighton has had his application to change the photograph on his licence to one with a colander on his head. He is saying that he will appeal the refusal holding that he is fighting for his right to wear the religious garb.

He claims he belongs to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Followers of that church are known as Pastafarians and they wear a colander on their head.

According to the DVLA, the photograph must be clear and be a current likeness to allow the Police to link the driver to driving entitlement held without confusion or ambiguity. Headgear is generally not acceptable, but may be permissible on religious or medical grounds and any exemptions are dealt with on a case by case basis. Religious exemptions include the Sikh turban and the Islamic Hijab.

Ian vows to fight his case until he runs out of appeals.

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