April 7, 2015

Awareness When Driving

One of the key features you will need to master to pass your driving test is awareness – It is so important in fact, that awareness features heavily in the Driving Theory test during the Hazard Perception section.

But what exactly is awareness? It is not simply a case of knowing what is happening around you – As the hazard perception shows you, it is the ability to anticipate a potential problem on the road.

Whilst you do need to pay attention to road signs so that you are aware of how you will need to drive in the forthcoming landscape, it is advisable to pay less attention to the road signs and more attention to the traffic around you. Some even say that the abundance of road signs on the roads are leading to poor driving choices, with many drivers choosing to mindlessly obey the instructions on road signs rather than the traffic conditions around them – So if you want to be a good driver, be aware of the road signs, but pay more attention to the roads.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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