December 11, 2017

Clear the Snow off Your Car to Avoid Fines!

If you don’t clear the snow from your vehicle before driving off, you could land yourself a hefty fine.
Motorists could also be hit with points on their licence – even if there is snow on their car roof that doesn’t obscure windows.

Those caught driving without clearing their car sufficiently are in breach of Rule 229 of the The Highway Code, stating that all windows, lights and number plates on your vehicle must be clear of snow.

Failure to do so will result in a £60 fine and three penalty points on your licence. However, the rule also requires motorists to remove any snow that could fall from their car and into the path of other road users.

An AA spokesman stated that when driving around with 12 inches of snow on your car, there is the possibility it will fall off at some stage, which is going to pose a danger to other road users – if snow falls off the roof it could obscure another driver’s vision, which can get serious for you if it causes an accident.

Safe driving from Britannia!