November 15, 2012


Oh no, I can’t quite believe that I am doing a post with the word Christmas been mentioned. But I am. I have too! It’s only around the corner. Where has this year gone? I know we say it every year but this year seems to have gone so fast.

During this time of year we all start to get a little Christmassy, even the most “bah hum-bug” of us all. But there invariably comes a time when we get a little stressed and realise we haven’t bought our most nearest and dearest presents.

Fortunately you’re not the only one; unfortunately this usually means heavy traffic. If you are driving during busy time it makes sense to prepare well. I suggest picking a day in advance, know that there will be some waiting around sitting in traffic. Try and go early in the morning to avoid the rush if you can. I always find that making a list really helps.

If you’re lazy like me, you’ll make good use of your sofa, your laptop and websites like to buy your presents.

Happy shopping.

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