September 5, 2011


Driving brings people a real sense of freedom but with it requires training, experience, patience and determination. By having lessons with a qualified instructor, you will receive the proper training, learn the requirements to pass the test and gain immense experience that you couldn’t gain through learning independently.

The more road experience you have the better, so taking additional lessons with friends of family can be beneficial as long as you are at a good standard of driving.

Learning with an instructor means you will cover many aspects of driving such as, town, countryside, dual carriageways, at night and in rainy season which you may not be confident doing with family or friends.

An instructor will be somebody that is current and up-to-date with all theory aspects. Most drivers whether you have held your licence for 20 years or not could probably do with revising the Highway Code and taking a few refresher lessons.

With an instructor you will be provided with a car which is current, reliable and fitted with dual controls. We all have moments of madness where we make silly mistakes, with the instructor’s dual controls you are safe at all times. Instructors have done extensive training which allows them to not only watch out for the driver’s techniques and errors but plan ahead to ensure all other road users and pedestrians are safe.

So why not call us at Britannia today on 0208 543 8050 and let our instructors take you on the road to freedom.

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