December 3, 2010


Changing your driving habits according to road and weather conditions is something most people don’t plan ahead for. Now that winter has set in drivers must ensure that they are prepared for the harsh weather conditions and problems or accidents that could occur with your vehicle.

There are a number of simple rules to remember before you set of on any journey long or short:

Check the weather and traffic report. You can then ensure you leave yourself enough time and that you have enough fuel to get you from A to B.

Ensure you are well prepared for a breakdown or accident. You should always carry an emergency kit which includes food and water, a warm blanket, a torch and a first aid kit. In the event that you do break down or have an accident, do not sit in the vehicle, put your hazard lights on and face oncoming traffic.

It may seem obvious but you must ensure that your car is in good working order. Points and fines can be given if tyres are found with tread depth below the legal limit, ensure your tyres are at their best. Your seatbelts should not be torn and you need to remember to actually wear your seatbelt, you can incur on-the-spot fines of up to £60.

It is important to check that all your lights are working, particularly your fog lights. Equally that your window wipers are in good working order, faulty window wipers will reduce visibility and could potentially lead to an accident.

Lights are not just for night time use. If it is foggy or the road has reduced visibility put your lights on.

Lastly slow down. Ice on the roads will mean breaking will take longer, keep a bigger gap than normal between you and the car in front. Drive slower than the speed limit in bad weather conditions. Speed limits do not mean you must drive at that speed, if travelling at that speed becomes dangerous, slow down!

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