December 29, 2009


With the present economic conditions, it is thought that around half of all motorists (46%) are failing to have their car serviced, repaired and maintained. 

Car-related expenditures are deemed not as important as other expenditures such as Christmas.

Some non-essential car expenditures such as the latest Satellite Navigation and alloy wheels can be overlooked, but worryingly some individuals are delaying the purchase of things such as replacement tyres and scheduled services. These are crucial for safety and have an impact on the warranties and insurance and also on the resale value.

Simon Bush of Britannia Driving School said: “It does not help that petrol and insurance remain at an all time high. Cars can be expensive to run at the best of times but with the economy the way it is and the government not easing on motoring costs many people are gambling with their safety, not to mention other road-users safety.”

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