October 9, 2010

Motor Car Insurance Explained

Named drivers

By adding drivers to your insurance policy you can significantly affect the amount you pay as it may go down if you add an experienced driver such as your parents or an older sibling. On the other hand some new drivers are added as 2nd or 3rd drivers on their parent’s policy – however they won’t be able to build their no claims bonus if it has not been declared that they are the main driver.

No Claims Discount

This is effectively a reward for not making a claim. Eventually once you have built up your no claims discount (also known as no claims bonus) you could reduce the cost of your insurance by up to 60%.

Legal Protection

This is an added extra you can pay to have with your policy; it basically covers any legal disputes you may have as result of an accident, such as who is to blame.

Breakdown Cover

This is crucial to insure you have this cover included in your policy, as this service will be required in case of an accident or a fault with the car. You must check to see whether your policy includes this cover or whether you have to pay extra to add it in; furthermore a good idea would be to compare the prices with other companies to get the best deal. Some banks offer current accounts which come with this cover so it would be beneficial to check with your bank to see if you are covered.

Emily Smith at Britannia Driving School said: “Some insurance companies offer courtesy cars with fully comprehensive drivers but it’s always best to double check as it may cost extra to purchase. In addition if you do hire a car while your car is in the garage the cost of the hire may be covered for a certain period of time so it’s good to check that out”.

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