June 5, 2015

Car Hire Headaches

As summer rapidly approaches, many of us will be planning our holidays for the coming weeks and months, and along with this comes the task of hiring a car when on your holidays – not an easy task for anyone who has experience of this!

Due to changes being made from Monday 8th June onwards, the paper driving license counterpart will become invalid – And as the information regarding your license will be held only on the DVLA’s computerised system, when you rent your car whilst abroad the rental company will need to access your details online.

All sounds simple, right? Not quite.

To enable this, you will need to order a special code from the DVLA website, using your driving license number, National Insurance Number and Postcode – However this code can only be used for 72 hours after being generated, so you will need to order it just before you travel.

From Monday onwards, we expect to hear tales from the headache of renting cars abroad – Let us know if this includes you in the comments below!

Safe driving from Britannia!