April 4, 2011


Figures have shown that Britain’s drivers are spending around £2300 on their car each year, with this figure set to increase due to recent fuel price increases.

Not only have fuel prices risen but car insurance, tax and car maintenance have all taken a hit and it is affecting all motorists no matter what their age or gender.

This has lead to an increase in the number of motorists purchasing eco-friendly cars.
Drivers must outweigh the costs when buying a car. Despite electric or eco-friendly cars costing more up-front they will cost you less to run in the long-run as opposed to a fuel guzzling motor. Therefore, it may be worth considering a change in vehicle.

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “No matter what you decide, it’s important to take care of your car and make sure it is road worthy and legal to drive, will are all feeling the pinch but when it comes to safety on the roads we are all responsible.”

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