December 8, 2010


Studies in America have shown that there may be links between driving and skin cancer particularly of the face.

They have found that more patients referred to the skin cancer clinic have cancer in the left side of their body and face. It is thought that as they have left-hand drives in America, the left side of their body is exposed more to the sun, especially if they have the window down or their arm resting on the car door. Yet UVA rays penetrate though most materials, you only need to look at a book near a window and see how the colour fades.

UVA and UVB rays should not just be protected by wearing sun cream on sunny days but in all weather conditions. Cloudy or foggy days can often be deceiving as the sun’s rays will still continue to burn through and you may not associate a cloudy day with slapping on sun cream.

Protecting your skin from the sun is not just to help prevent skin cancer but also to offer protection against aging and winkles. Much like the paint on a car, if it is not looked after and protected, after a number of years it will not look its best.

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