October 24, 2012


Hamilton Police started a campaign in February, on the look-out for drivers that are distracted whilst driving. Whether it is a mobile phone, iPod or other devise, anyone issued with a ticket for distracted driving will pay $155.

The Distracted Driving Law took effect in October 2009 when police saw an increase in traffic collisions and alcohol wasn’t the cause.

As a mark of the end of the nine-month campaign which saw more than 4000 drivers issued with tickets, the police set up a distracted driving simulator for the public. This highlighted the effect of taking your eyes of the road for just a few seconds and would jolt the simulator forward to emulate a real collision.

Steve Overend a driving instructor said: “They’re missing things like doors opening, cars in front. They’re not able to respond in time.”

Constable Wes Wilson said it is also important for drivers to know that the car doesn’t have to be in motion for it to be illegal. He said: “If you think about it, the car is still in drive. You’re driving your vehicle at a red light.”

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