February 24, 2014

Campaign For Practical Tests To Be Filmed

PoliceWitness.com is urging in-car cameras to be used to record practical tests in order to allow instructors and students to ensure that the test was carried out fairly.

Examiners should be accountable, and as highlighted by PoliceWitness.com, the examiner may have been having a bad day or are prejudiced in some way. Or perhaps they examiner may pass a student because of their gender or that the need to pass another pupil. These assertions may seem absurd but without evidence of how the test is conducted, there is no way of knowing whether these assertions are really that bizarre.

In addition, use of in-car cameras on a practical test would also be useful for instructors and pupils to see how the learner performed, what they struggled with as well as whether it was worthy of a fail.

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