May 14, 2012


A bus driver from Bristol deliberately knocked down a cyclist after an altercation that took place earlier that day.

The court heard that Gavin Hill had driven too close to Mr Mead who was on his bicycle and when the bus came to a stop Mr Mead propped his bike against the front of the bus and approached the bus driver over his actions.

After moving off, Mr Hill swerved his bus into Mr Mead which resulted in him suffering a broken leg and his bike being crushed.

CCTV footage shows this happening and Bugler Coaches has since sacked Mr Hill and added that the firm’s sympathies lay with Mr Mead.

Mr Hills was given a 17th month jail sentence as the judge said his actions “were not an accident”. His defence was that the collision happened in a “moment of madness.”

Martin McDonnell, from Bristol Cycling Campaign said: “It’s about time cyclists were treated as human beings and not just flesh”.

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