October 14, 2011


A bus driver from Trowbridge has been sentenced to over two years in prison after he hit a 6 year old and his mother.

Mrs Connor and her six year old son Finlay had crossed the road opposite his school and walked between a car and the bus. In an unfortunate twist of fate, the car speed off and the bus driver then proceeded to pull forward and hit both Mrs Connor and her son resulting in her son’s death.

Shortly after Finlay’s death the courts heard the bus driver Mr Shearing, say the brakes had failed on the bus however, the bus had been checked and no defects were found.

His barrister said he is ‘an ordinary, hardworking family man, with no previous convictions’. It is believed that Mr Shearing suffered “sudden acceleration syndrome”, when the driver mistakenly presses the accelerator instead of the brake and can’t understand why the vehicle won’t stop.

He expressed his deepest sympathies to the family. The judge said it was an error of judgement however, the consequences come very high, a life has been lost and you must bear the responsibility.

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