October 20, 2010


Weybridge in Surrey homes the remains of the first purpose-built motor circuit in the world. Landowner Hugh Locke King built the circuit on 330 acres of farm and woodland.

Thousands of spectators would come to watch those racing their powerful vehicles hurtling round the circuit at speeds well over 100mph.

The circuit was constructed in 1907 but is now a thing of the past. In its place a museum lies, displaying giant racing cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

The motorsport industry in Britain has declined despite Formula one and the Grand prix and this is thought to be because of the economic and climate change we have experienced since the early 1900’s.

With teams heavily relying on commercial sponsorship and manufacturers and with economic times as they are, it is becoming increasing difficult to fund motorists, their team and the championship itself.

Environmental campaigners are against the extensive amount of fuel that is burnt on these high speed races. However, the racing fraternity are always developing their vehicles trying to make them more fuel efficient which can then be transferred to all road users. Along with the technology developed to improve performance and reduce wasted energy, those involved in the sport hope to deflect criticism and keep British motorsport alive.

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