November 6, 2008

British motorists opt for pay-per-mile levy

A study by the institute of Civil Engineers ( ICE ) has revealed that British motorists dislike for being charged with a road tax means they would prefer to use a pay-per-mile system where a driver makes a payment dependant upon how much they use their car.

Over 85% of the 3000 respondents also said that limiting car usage was an effective tool in tackling the climate change whilst 83% said they would have no qualms about leaving their vehicles at home if there was a dramatic improvement in the public transport system.

Motorists normally pay road tax according to their vehicle’s emissions rate. However there has been no attempt to address the fact that there are a large number of drivers who do not use their cars frequently or travel long distances. Many experts agree that a large reduction in car usage levels can have a significant impact on the climate.
The Chair of ICE said that an increasing number of people are becoming disillusioned with what they perceived to be a wide range of problems associated car use. He also added that there should be some kind of review of the public transport system in order to make it more appealing to potential users.

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