January 31, 2011


Good manners from other drivers can cause a number of misconceptions and confusion.

If you signal to another car, you must assess the situation and make sure everyone around you knows what you and the other car intend to do. Make sure you position yourself to make it clear what your intentions are.

You are only supposed to flash your lights when you are warning a car of your presence however, many of us will flash another car to let them go ahead of us, to warn them they haven’t got their headlights on, or to tell them somebody is crossing…as you can see it’s very ambiguous.

The most common use of flashing headlights is to allow another driver to pull out, yet by leaving a big enough gap and slowly coming of the gas there should be sufficient time for the car to pull out without you flashing them.

Holly Harper of Britannia Driving School said: “Think before you flash, do other road users and pedestrians know what you are doing and is there a way to avoid using them.”

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