May 28, 2010


There have always been long debates as to who make better drivers – men or women.

Insurance companies continue to suggest that young males have riskier driving habits, generally men aged between 16-25 years old and this results in higher premiums.

Research by various organisations have also found the following:

Fatalities between 1999 and 2005 were around 175,000 for men and 82,000 for women. However, there are more males on the roads than females!!

Men are twice as likely to instigate road rage using gestures, which is not productive.

Women find manoeuvres more difficult especially reversing.

41% of men have admitted to reading a map whilst driving compared to 23% of women.

Men find breaking speed limits more acceptable – 53% of men compared to 22% of women.

Natasha Simper of Britannia Driving School said: I guess we can say that this argument is like the chicken and the egg conundrum, the answer will never be known!

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