March 8, 2012

Bag it, Bin it: Cleaner Roads are Better to Drive on.

We need to learn the art of carrying an extra bag and put the waste in it. The report released by the Highways Agency asks for immediate attention on the matter. It states that 250,000 sacks of litter are cleared from motorways every year. The amount of money could be used to do something constructive for the welfare of society. Roads Minister Mike Penning said: Litter is an unsightly and unnecessary burden and one that we can easily avoid- that’s why I am asking people to take one simple step towards making the roads a safer and more pleasant environment for everyone. It does not require huge efforts to be taken to bring a positive change. Each person should carry a bag and throw the bottles and remaining food items in it.

The agency is sure that it would spread a word of awareness. The need is to start a public awareness program to attract nation wide support. It becomes a social responsibility of all to keep the roads clean. The program ‘Bag it, Bin it’ is aimed to make people stand together against it. You should start working on it from today onwards.

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