June 28, 2012

Babies on Board

For those of us who had our babies before we took to the road and had a car, you will remember the times we were waiting at bus stops, in the rain, fighting against the masses of people to get a place on the bus. It’s these memories that makes us feel so utterly happy when we have our car. Even if we have to face the traffic, the fact that we have the kids tucked away in the car away from the horrid weather, buckled up and with the radio on, it makes us feel so happy.

That doesn’t mean we are always in a peaceful mind though. As we all know, children can get bored when you are driving and they need attention. It’s important to remember that although children need attention you need to be fully aware and be able to concentrate when driving.

If you have to travel with children often and the drives are often long distant, it is well worth preparing for these journeys. For younger kids, ensure you have the right booster seats, there are cushions you can haveto attach to the seat belts so it is more comfortable for them. You may also think about having some story book cds in the car to play to keep them occupied whilst you are driving. Assure them that you need to be able to concentrate when driving and it’s important to keep calm. When on a long journey plan to have regular toilet breaks. A quick freshen up can work wonders.

We hope that you find these tips useful.

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