June 18, 2014

Arrested After Using Bluetooth During Theory

A man was arrested after he was caught ‘phoning a friend’ whilst sitting his driving theory test. Staff saw a Bluetooth earpiece fall to the floor; they immediately suspended the theory test and called 999.

When police arrived, they arrested the 39-year-old candidate on suspicion of carrying an article for the use of fraud. He was interviewed by officers and admitting to using the earpiece to contact a third party. He accepted a caution and was released.

Perhaps most amusingly, the candidate failed his theory test even though he used the earpiece to cheat.

The theory test must be passed before the practical driving test can be booked. The DVSA hold the exam and it consists of a multiple choice and hazard perception section.

There have been many cases of attempted fraud on the theory test but due to vigilant staff all offenders are caught.

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