November 3, 2011

Are you insured?

Car insurance provider, Esure, estimate that 2.7 million drivers on UK roads are putting themselves and other road users in danger by driving with bad eyesight.According to insurer Esure who carried out the study, 2.7 million drivers admitted they’d probably fail their driving test if they were to take it again because of their poor eyesight, with 50% of those questioned by the insurer revealing their eyesight had deteriorated since the time they’d first taken their driving test.The insurance provider discovered that the number of drivers banned from the roads as a result of poor eyesight in 2009 stood at just over 4,000 which is a significant jump of over 50% compared to just three years previously when 1,597 drivers were banned in 2006 as a result of poor eyesight.42% of respondents who took part in the Esure study revealed they squint in order to read road signs, while 28% even ask their passenger to read the signs out for them. Despite the shocking admissions, 43% of those polled said they felt confident they’d be able to pass the distance reading aspect of the driving test if they were re-tested.Another 24% of drivers who took part in the Esure poll admitted to getting behind the wheel without wearing their prescription glasses.Insurance experts believe the results of the study are extremely worrying as driving with poor eyesight can lead to an increase in accidents, and a rise in the cost of insurance premiums for those involved in any claims.

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