August 20, 2013

Are you an anti-social driver?

If so, you could face a fine of £100 and three penalty points. New laws to tackle anti-social drivers who among other things, hog the middle lane, cut up other drivers and tailgate, allow police officers to issue fixed penalty notices on the spot.

Hogging the middle lane we believe will be the most controversial, with many drivers doing it despite The Highway Code states that this lane should only be used for overtaking. This has long been a problem on the motorway and something many drivers find extremely frustrating. If you choose to overtake a car, when it’s safe to do so, one should return to the left lane to clear the overtaking lane. Hogging the middle lane causes congestion and this is something we can all do without.

If you’re unsure how to effectively drive on the motorway talk to a driving instructor and book a few lessons. Your instructor will teach you how to properly make use of the lanes, when and how to overtake, and be an overall safer driver on the motorway.

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